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Are you sinking into the Quicksand of Pain?  Are you stranded in the Mountains of Misery or simply lost in a Forest of Symptoms? 

Find your way to Hope with the new, second edition of the award-winning book UnBreak Your Health - Your Map to the World of Complementary and Alternative Therapies

Discover how your body, mind and energy/spirit can work together to produce better health.  Learn how to take charge of your health and find your path to the best health possible.

Trying to figure out where you are with your health problems, where you need to go and the best way to get there?  You need a map to find your way around the amazing world of complementary or alternative therapies!  Which therapies are right for you and your health problems?  Find out in this easy-to-read guide to all of the therapies available outside the drugs-and-surgery world of mainstream medicine.  Uncover the latest scientific research that's opening the door to therapies both ancient and modern that are available to help you improve your health.



  Discover health opportunities from Acupuncture to Zen Bodytherapy.

  Find out about the health benefits of Pilates, Yoga, and Massage.

  Learn about devices from Edgar Cayce's Radiac to the newest cold lasers.

  Hear from real people who've experienced these therapies and products.

  Locate free podcasts on the therapies you want to learn more about.

UnBreak Your Health offers proven healing techniques from the most modern innovations to ancient healing therapies. With 339 new and updated listings in 150 different categories this is the most complete book ever published on complementary and alternative therapies (no diets or supplements).  This updated edition again focuses on therapies, systems and devices in the field of complementary, alternative and integrative medicine. Many topics also have accompanying podcast interviews with leaders and innovators in the field.

5.0 out of 5 stars Impressively organized and presented  - Midwest Book Review

UnBreak Your Health is the most comprehensive and reader-friendly guide
for alternative health solutions that I have ever read.  -
Reviewed by Cherie Fisher for Reader Views

I enjoyed reading this book and can now say I am enlightened
and empowered and able to improve my health. -

Reviewed by Wilma for Booksville Literary Reviews


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2024 News

Alan Smith's latest book is 101 Tips for Better & More Healthy Sleep

All of your physical and mental health depends on getting a good night's sleep. We all love waking up without an alarm feeling rested and refreshed, right? Unfortunately, many people don't sleep enough or sleep well or both. There are almost as many reasons for not sleeping well as there are stars in the sky, or at least it seems that way some nights. You've probably tried a few things to sleep better which may, or may not, have worked for you. It may feel like your sleep is a combination lock and you can't figure out all the right numbers in the right sequence. We need to accept that every human being needs to sleep every 24 hours but even today scientists don't understand everything about sleep. We do know that sleep allows for both the body and the brain to repair themselves in critical ways and to restore energy. Sleep allows us to consolidate memories, handle information processing, aids our physical growth and muscle repair, along with countless other processes that are theorized to occur during sleep. We can't forget that sleep is also critical for strengthening our immune system and allowing us to fight off disease. We may not understand it all yet but we know that it is critical. These 101 Tips are designed to help you find the rest you deserve in the best way possible. You'll walk through all of the various factors in getting a good night's sleep from your bed and bedroom to relaxing before bed to solving several sleep problems. There are over the counter (OTC) drugs that can help along with various supplements and herbs. While some of these tips have been around for hundreds or thousands of years some are as new as they can be. Whatever your sleep situation there's probably going to be something here that can help you sleep even better and longer.

5 Star Review from Reader Views!

SUSAN'S SEARCH is a great novella, remember to search by title with author Alan Smith.


  UnBreak Your Health  Second Edition



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